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Veeam ONE 9.5
Working with Alarms

Alarm Response Actions

Every alarm performs a specific action when it gets triggered. Depending on its configuration, an alarm can:

  • Send email notifications to the default notification group or to specific recipients
  • Send SNMP traps to third-party consoles
  • Run a custom script
  • Perform two or all of these actions at once

Alarm actions are defined in alarm settings. You can specify in which cases Veeam ONE must perform response actions:

  • Alarm severity changes to Error
  • Alarm severity changes to Error or Warning
  • Alarm severity changes to any level (Error, Warning or Info)

By default, all predefined alarms are configured to send email notifications to the default notification group when the alarm severity changes from one level to another. You can change alarm actions and define conditions when these actions should be performed.

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