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    Short Description

    Stops synchronization sessions of object storage repositories cache.


    Stop-VBORepositorySynchronizeSession -Session <VBORepositorySynchronizeSession>  [<CommonParameters>]

    Detailed Description

    This cmdlet stops sessions that are running to synchronize cache located on object storage repositories.

    Stop-VBORepositorySynchronizeSession Tip

    If you stop synchronization of cache located on object storage repositories and then start it again, the synchronization process will start from the moment, where it has been stopped.







    Accept Pipeline Input

    Accept Wildcard Characters


    Specifies a synchronization session. The cmdlet will stop this session.

    Accepts the VBORepositorySynchronizeSession object. To get this object, run the Get-VBORepositorySynchronizeSession cmdlet.






    This cmdlet supports Microsoft PowerShell common parameters. For more information on common parameters, see the About CommonParameters section of Microsoft Docs.

    Output Object

    The cmdlet returns the VBORepositorySynchronizeSession object that contains details on the synchronization status of the object storage repository.


    Stop-VBORepositorySynchronizeSessionExample 1. Stopping All Synchronization Sessions

    This example shows how to stop all sessions that are running to synchronize cache located on object storage repositories.

    Get-VBORepositorySynchronizeSession | foreach{Stop-VBORepositorySynchronizeSession -Session $_}

    Stop-VBORepositorySynchronizeSessionExample 2. Stopping Specific Synchronization Session

    This example shows how to stop a session that is running to synchronize cache located on the Azure object storage repository.

    $azurestorage = Get-VBORepository -Name "Azure"

    $session = Get-VBORepositorySynchronizeSession -Repository $azurestorage

    Stop-VBORepositorySynchronizeSession -Session $session

    Perform the following steps:

    1. Run the Get-VBORepository cmdlet. Specify the Name parameter value. Save the result to the $azurestorage variable.
    2. Run the Get-VBORepositorySynchronizeSession cmdlet. Set the $azurestorage variable as the Repository parameter value.

    The cmdlet output will contain the following details on synchronization status of object storage repository: RepositoryId, RepositoryName and Status.

    1. Run the Stop-VBORepositorySynchronizeSession cmdlet. Set the $session variable as the Session parameter value.

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