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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 3.0
PowerShell Reference

Understanding Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Cmdlets

Veeam cmdlets are developed to behave like other Microsoft Windows cmdlets. Each cmdlet is a simple single-function command that is a specialized .NET class implementing specific actions. Most of the cmdlets have parameters that pass additional data to the command. The cmdlets and their parameters are named after the Microsoft naming conditions.

Working with Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 PowerShell cmdlets and scripts in many respects depends on your imagination, skills and expertise in Windows PowerShell. To learn more about Windows PowerShell and its basics, use the book by Dr. Tobias Weltner: Microsoft Master-PowerShell.

Input and Output

As an input, the cmdlets expect objects, and they output objects. The objects mostly represent instances of the backup infrastructure: jobs, job schedule settings, backup exclusions and so on. The objects can be part of a pipeline.

You can use the cmdlet help to understand what kind of input is needed. The cmdlets have syntax that shows whole sets of parameters available in the cmdlet and what each parameter expects as input. For example, Add-VBOJob has the following syntax:

Add-VBOJob -Organization <VBOOrganization> -Name <String> -Repository <VBORepository> -SelectedItems <VBOBackupItem[]> [-ExcludedItems <VBOBackupItem[]>] [-Description <String>] [-SchedulePolicy <VBOJobSchedulePolicy>] [-RunJob] [<CommonParameters>]


Add-VBOJob -Organization <VBOOrganization> -Name <string> -Repository <VBORepository> [-EntireOrganization] [-ExcludedItems <VBOBackupItem[]>] [-Description <string>] [-SchedulePolicy <VBOJobSchedulePolicy>] [-RunJob]  [<CommonParameters>]

That means:

  • To create a backup job, you need to specify an organization whose items will be processed, the repository where backups will be stored, specify name, description and schedule for this backup job.
  • The cmdlet has two parameter sets per different job settings: you can instruct a backup job to process all items or only the selected ones. Use an appropriate parameter set for each case.
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