Step 8. Specify Connection Ports

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    At the Connection Configuration step of the wizard, specify connection settings for Veeam ONE Web Client:

    • In the Website port field, type a number of the port that will be used to access the Veeam ONE Web Client through a web browser.

    The default port number is 1239.

    • In the Certificate list, choose a certificate that will be used to secure traffic between the Veeam ONE Web Client and a web browser.

    You can choose an existing certificate installed on the machine. If the setup wizard does not find an appropriate certificate to be used, it generates a self-signed certificate.


    • If you generate or choose a self-signed certificate, you must configure a trusted connection between the Veeam ONE Web Client and a web browser later. For details, see Configuring Trusted Connection.
    • You can change the selected certificate after installation. For details, see Change Default Certificate.

    Specify WebUI Ports