Installing Veeam ONE

This section will guide you through the process of Veeam ONE installation.

Before You Begin

Before you begin installation, check the following prerequisites:

Check that your virtual platform is supported. Make sure the machine where Veeam ONE will be installed meets hardware and software requirements.

Make sure the user account under which Veeam ONE will be installed has sufficient permissions.

Make sure all required ports are open for communication between Veeam ONE components, virtualization servers, VMware Cloud Director servers and Veeam Backup & Replication servers.

Burn the downloaded ISO image file to a CD/DVD or mount the installation image using disk image emulation software. If you install Veeam ONE on a VM, use built-in tools of the virtualization management software to mount the installation image to the VM.

Normally, the setup automatically creates the Veeam ONE database in the course of installation. However, in some circumstances it might be necessary to create the database with a SQL script instead of using the Veeam ONE Setup wizard. Before installing Veeam ONE, you can create the Veeam ONE database by executing a SQL script that is included with the Veeam ONE installation image.

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