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Veeam ONE 9.5 Update 4
Deployment Guide

Remote Access

To be able to access Veeam ONE software components installed on a remote machine, you can use one of the following options.

Remote Access to Veeam ONE Reporter through Web Browser

Veeam ONE Reporter console can be accessed using a web browser on a remote machine. For details on how to access Veeam ONE software components, see Accessing Veeam ONE Monitor and Reporter.

To access Veeam ONE Reporter console remotely, a user must be a member of the Veeam ONE Administrators, Veeam ONE Read-Only Users or Veeam ONE Dashboards Viewers group on the machine where Veeam ONE Web UI component is installed. For details on Veeam ONE security groups, see Security Groups.

Remote Access for Multi-Tenant Monitoring and Reporting

Veeam ONE supports multi-tenant access to its monitoring and reporting capabilities. Authorized users can remotely monitor a subset of the vCenter Server or vCloud Director infrastructure and create reports.

To monitor and report on a restricted scope of the virtual infrastructure, a user must have permissions assigned on objects of the vCenter Server or vCloud Director inventory hierarchy. For details, see Veeam ONE Multi-Tenant Monitoring and Reporting.

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