Step 10. Specify Connection Ports

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    At the Connection Configuration step of the wizard, specify connection settings for Veeam ONE Reporting Service, internal Web API and Veeam ONE agent:

    • In the Communication port field, type a number of the port that will be used to interact with Veeam ONE Reporting service.

    The default port number is 2742.

    • In the Internal Web API port field, specify the number of a port that the Veeam ONE Server component will use to communicate with the Veeam ONE Web API component.

    The default port number is 2741.

    • In the Certificate list, select a certificate that will be used to secure connection to Veeam ONE internal Web API.

    You can change the certificate later in Veeam ONE Settings utility. For details, see section Veeam ONE Server Settings of the Veeam ONE Monitoring Guide.

    Step 10. Specify Connection Ports 

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