License Expiration

Veeam ONE license period is set in accordance with the chosen licensing program.

For Subscription and Rental licenses, Veeam ONE offers a grace period after the license expiration date. This mechanism ensures a smooth license update and provides sufficient time to install a new license file.

During the grace period, Veeam ONE keeps working in a full-version mode. The license status in the License Information window will appear as Expired (<number> days of grace period remaining).

You must update your license before the end of the grace period. If you do not update the license until the end of the grace period, Veeam ONE will switch to the community mode.

If support period is expired for a Perpetual license, the product will continue to work in a full-version mode. However, you will not be able to upgrade Veeam ONE and install updates and patches.

The duration of the grace period is defined by the type of license.

License Type

Grace Period

Perpetual license

Not applicable

Subscription license

30 days

Rental license

60 days