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Backup Jobs

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The Backup Jobs view allows you to track statistics for Veeam Backup & Replication jobs, including:

Backup jobs
Replication jobs
SureBackup jobs
Backup copy jobs
Backup to tape jobs
Files to tape jobs
VM copy jobs
File copy jobs
SQL log backup jobs

To view the list of Veeam Backup & Replication jobs:

1.In the Kaseya console, go to Veeam Backup & Replication > Backup Monitoring > Backup Jobs.

The Backup Jobs view displays all jobs managed by the monitored backup servers.

2.To narrow down the list of jobs, you can apply the following filters:
Machine ID/ Machine Group (Kaseya filters) — limit the list of jobs by the machine ID or machine group (that is, show jobs managed by specific backup servers)
From/To — limit the list of jobs by the interval of the latest job session
Status — limit the list of jobs by the status of the latest job session — Success, Warning, Error, Running or None (for all statuses other than Success, Warning, Error or Running)
Type — limit the list of  the jobs by type (backup, replication, SureBackup, backup copy, backup and files to tape or file, VM copy, SQL log backup)
Name — search jobs by job name

Backup Jobs View

For every job in the list, the following details are available:

Backup Server — name of the backup server that manages the job
Machine Group — name of the group to which the backup server belongs
Name — job name
Status — status of the latest job session (Success, Warning, Failed or Running). Click the status link to view details on performed job sessions or investigate what caused job failure.
Type — job type (Backup, Replication, SureBackup, Backup Copy, Tape, Copy or SQL Log Backup)
Last Run — date and time when the job was performed for the last time
Next Run — date and time when the job will start next time according to the job schedule
Duration — time taken to complete the latest job session
Avg. Duration — average time it took to complete the job session (total job duration time for the previous month divided by the number of times the job ran)
Processing Rate — rate at which VM data was processed during the latest job session
Transferred Data — total amount of VM data that was transferred to the target destination (backup repository, replica target storage and other) during the latest job run
Bottleneck — a bottleneck in the process of transferring VM data from source to target (source, proxy, network, target, source or target WAN accelerator)

Table of contents