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Backup Server Stats

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This report provides inventory information for the Veeam backup servers. The report includes the product license usage summary and details on all types of jobs that the backup server manages.

Backup Server Stats Report

Report Parts

The report is based on the following report parts:

License Usage Summary table provides detailed information on the product licenses installed on the backup servers. For each monitored backup server, the table shows the total number of licensed sockets, number of used VMware and Hyper-V sockets as well as support and license expiration dates.
Backup Server Stats table provides an overview of the jobs that the backup servers manage. For each job, the table shows the name of the managing backup server, job name, job type, number of VMs (or files) that the job protects, the amount of data that the job reads from the source datastore and the amount of data in the resulting backup file.

Table of contents