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Discovered Machines

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The Discovered Machines view displays the list of VMware and Hyper-V VMs that run Kaseya agents.

The Discovered Machines view includes VMs only within the protected environment: virtual infrastructure servers that host these VMs must be added to the list of managed servers in Veeam Backup & Replication.

To access the Discovered Machines view:

1.In the Kaseya console, go to Veeam Backup & Replication > Backup Monitoring > Discovered Machines.
2.To display managed machines for a specific machine or machine group, you can apply the Kaseya Machine ID/Machine Group filters.

Discovered Machines View

For every machine in the list, the following details are available:

Machine ID — name of the machine. Click the machine name for remote access to the machine with Kaseya Live Connect. For more on Kaseya Live Connect, refer to Kaseya resources.
Machine Group — name of the group to which the managed machine belongs
IP Address — IP address assigned to the machine
Is Protected — flag indicating whether the machine has at least one backup or replica restore point for the previous 30 days

Table of contents