Step 1. Check and Adjust Overrides

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    A pre-built MP of overrides is available to tune the Veeam MP for VMware when MP for Veeam Backup & Replication is present.The overrides MP is available on the installation media in the Veeam.Virt.Extensions.RequiredOverrides.xml file.

    After installation, it is recommended to review the overrides and adjust them if required.

    A. Duplicate MAC Addresses for VM Replicas

    The replica virtual machine created by a replication job will necessarily have the same MAC address(es) as the source VM. This is by design and has no impact in the environment (as the replica should never be running at the same time as the source); however VMware vCenter Server will throw an error event for the duplicate MAC, and this in turn will cause an alert in the MP for VMware.

    The Veeam Backup Overrides MP contains an override for the Veeam VMware: Virtual Machine Error alert rule. The event concerning duplicate MAC address is excluded for all VMs in the Veeam Backup and Replication replica VMs (VMware) group. This group has dynamic membership and includes all VMs that have the _replica suffix appended to the VM display name (this is the default suffix used in replication jobs). If you use a non-default suffix for your replicas, you can either modify the group membership rule to use your chosen suffix, or explicitly add your replica VMs to the group.


    Group overrides will take precedence over class overrides. Therefore, if you wish to apply any other global overrides for VMs to the Veeam VMware: Virtual Machine Error event rule, do not forget to also apply the same override to the Veeam Backup and Replication replica VMs (VMware) group.

    B. Discovery of VMs and datastores created by SureBackup jobs

    During recovery verification, a SureBackup job creates temporary objects, such as NFS datastores and verified VMs that are run directly from the compressed deduplicated backup file.

    Veeam Backup Overrides exclude these temporary objects from discovery:

    • Temporary datastores whose name starts with “Veeambackup” are excluded from the Veeam Stage 2 – Datastore discovery.
    • Temporary VMs created during verification process that reside on datastores whose name starts with “Veeambackup” are excluded from the Veeam Stage 2 – Virtual Machine discovery.

    If you want to exclude other VMs or datastores from discovery, you can adjust override properties.