Appendix. Known Issues

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    Non-default collation settings for SQL cause Data Warehouse errors

    If you are using a non-default SQL Collation that is not supported by OpsMgr, after installation of Veeam MP you may receive errors, such as: ‘Cannot resolve the collation conflict between ‘SQL collation’, ‘SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS’ and ‘Latin1_General_CI_AS’ in the equal to operation.’

    This is not a Veeam Report Library issue, although it is exposed by the Veeam reporting features. The root cause is an unsupported configuration for the OpsMgr Data Warehouse DB.

    To avoid this issue, make sure that the supported collation is specified for OpsMgr and Data Warehouse databases when installing OpsMgr. For existing installations it may be required to port/reinstall OpsMgr to use a supported SQL collation configuration.

    For a list of collations supported by Ops Mgr, see: