Step 6. Choose Collection Rule

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    Next, choose a collection rule. Every rule targets a specific class and collects a chunk of performance data (counter) for objects of this class.

    When you choose a collection rule, make sure that it correlates with objects included in the report scope. Objects included in the report scope must belong to a class that is targeted by the rule. If the scope includes a group of objects, this group must contain objects belonging to the class that is targeted by the rule.

    In our example, we need to choose a rule that collects details on the amount of free space for objects of the SQL database class.

    1. In the Performance Rule section, click Browse.
    2. In the Select rule window, open the Search By Counter tab; from the Performance object list, choose SQLSERVER : Database and click Search.
    3. Choose the Collect Database Total Free Space (%) rule in the list of search results and click OK.

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