About Veeam ONE Client

Veeam ONE Client comes as a part of the integrated Veeam ONE solution. It is the primary tool for monitoring Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, VMware Cloud Director, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Veeam ONE Client provides complete visibility of the virtual and backup infrastructure and allows you to:

  • Manage, view and interact with alarms and monitoring data
  • Analyze performance of virtual and backup infrastructure objects
  • Keep an eye on multi-tenant environments
  • Track the efficiency of data protection in the virtual environment
  • Generate reports and administer monitoring settings
  • Speed up troubleshooting and quickly isolate root causes of performance issues before they become problems.

With Veeam ONE Client, you can monitor the virtual and backup environment from different perspectives:

  • Virtual infrastructure monitoring

Veeam ONE Client discovers the virtual infrastructure and provides complete visibility of its health status and performance. With predefined and custom alarms, performance charts, dashboards, reports, and an extensive knowledge base, you can always stay aware of the important events and eliminate potential problems in the virtual environment.

  • VMware Cloud Director monitoring

Veeam ONE Client provides monitoring capabilities for multi-tenant clouds provisioned with VMware VMware Cloud Director. A comprehensive view of cloud resources allows you to sustain consistent processes for VMware Cloud Director operational framework and maintain established service levels.

  • Business view monitoring

Veeam ONE Client allows you to monitor and alert on the virtual infrastructure presented from the business perspective — the perspective that is based on your company needs and priorities. You can group virtual infrastructure objects by such criteria as business unit, department, purpose, SLA and so on.

  • Data protection monitoring

Veeam ONE integrates with Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 to collect real-time statistics from backup servers. You can track the latest status of data protection operations in the managed environment, receive immediate alarms whenever a potential problem can cause data loss, monitor performance of backup infrastructure components to optimize workloads, and plan capacity of backup infrastructure resources.

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