Alarm Reports

In addition to receiving alarms in real-time, Veeam ONE allows you to analyze alarm statistics. You can use Veeam ONE Web Client dashboards and reports to track how the number of alarms is changing over time, identify short- and long-term alarm trends, detect the most affected infrastructure objects, troubleshoot commonly encountered issues and ensure that your infrastructure stays fully reliable and productive.

You can use the following dashboards and reports for analyzing alarms:

  • Alarms Dashboard analyzes alarms triggered over the previous week. The dashboard provides information on the general health state of virtual infrastructure objects, shows daily roll-ups for errors and warnings, enumerates typical problems and helps to detect the most affected VMs, clusters, hosts and datastores.
  • Alarms Overview Report provides an overview of the current health state of the virtual infrastructure, details the most common alarms and identifies the most affected infrastructure objects. The report consolidates information about raised alarms and provides a summary for the selected time interval.
  • Alarms Current State Overview Report provides information about all currently unresolved alarms (alarms with the Error or Warning severity level) and displays reasons why these alarms were triggered.

For details on Veeam ONE reports and dashboards, see Veeam ONE Reporting Guide.