Launching vSphere Client

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    You can launch vSphere Client or vSphere Web Client from within Veeam ONE Client.


    Before launching vSphere Client, check the following prerequisites:

    • The Open with vSphere Client option is available only if vSphere Client is installed on the machine where the Veeam ONE Client runs.
    • To launch vSphere Client from Veeam ONE Client, you must have the x86 version of Veeam ONE Client installed.

    Launching vSphere Client

    To launch the vSphere Client from Veeam ONE Client:

    1. Open Veeam ONE Client.

    For details, see Accessing Veeam ONE Client.

    1. At the bottom of the inventory pane, click Infrastructure View.
    2. In the inventory pane, right-click a vCenter Server or ESXi host and choose Open with vSphere Client or Open with vSphere Web Client from the shortcut menu.