Host Resources

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    You can view a list of hosts that are backing a provider virtual datacenter:

    1. Open Veeam ONE Client.

    For details, see Accessing Veeam ONE Client.

    1. At the bottom of the inventory pane, click vCloud Director View.
    2. In the inventory pane, select a provider VDC node.
    3. Open the Hosts tab.

    Host Resources

    For every host in the list, the following details are shown:

    • Name — name of the host (you can click the name to switch to the summary dashboard for the host)
    • Status — health status of the host (Healthy, Warning or Error)
    • Enabled — flag indicating whether the host is enabled or disabled (that is, whether new vApps can start up on the host)
    • Ready — flag indicating whether the host has been prepared for a provider VDC to use host resources
    • Available — flag indicating whether the host is available to vCloud Director
    • Total VMs — number of VMs currently registered on the host
    • vCenter — name of the vCenter Server that manages the host