Below and Above

In Veeam technical documentation, we do not use words above and below to reference preceding and subsequent topic elements (such as images, procedures, subsections, tables and so on).

The words above and below are too ambiguous since it may not be clear what element you are referencing exactly, especially in a large topic whose structure includes a lot of elements. To reference a preceding element, name the element or use an adjective to define the element. To reference a subsequent element, use the following or the next.


  1. For a vCenter Server to be displayed in the list, it must be connected to Orchestrator as described in section Connecting VMware vSphere Servers. [preceding subsection]
  2. The listed requirements allow up to 50 Veeam Backup & Replication servers to be connected to the Orchestrator server. [preceding requirements]
  3. To connect an SMTP server that will be used for sending email notifications, take the following steps. [subsequent procedure]