Resource Сollection

Use this section to provide a brief description for a resource collection. Use an endpoint to identify the collection. Also, add separate child topics to describe properties and list operations available for the collection.

Resource Collection Tip

A resource is a combination of a product entity, its associated data and relations with other resources. REST API performs operations with resources and resource collections using standard HTTP methods. Each resource in a resource collection can be identified using its specific system ID.

The section structure consists of the following elements:

  1. Collection URL — the resource collection URL.
  2. Collection representation — an example of the resource collection representation.

Resource CollectionExample

The /FailoverPlans resource collection represents all created failover plans. The collection includes resources that represent individual plans and have specific system IDs.

Collection URL

The resource collection is located at the following URL:


Collection Representation



   "name": "Test DR Plan",

   "id": "ba58fa43-cfc8-49e4-8f30-ee970f82e738",

   "contactName": "Wendy May",

   "contactEmail": "",

   "contactTel": "18003334455",

   "description": "with uCentOS",

   "planState": "Failover",

   "planStateDetails": "Complete, no errors, no warnings",

   "planInUse": false,

   "scheduleEnabled": true,

   "scheduleType": "OnTime",

   "scheduleAfter": "",

   "scheduleAfterPlanName": "",

   "scheduleTime": "2017-07-11T05:58:49",

   "siteScopeId": "67c365b0-2c2a-4f45-a4de-6632b56d2e9c",

   "targetRPO": 1440,

   "targetRTO": 60,

   "_links": {

     "self": {

       "href": "/v2/FailoverPlans/ba58fa43-cfc8-49e4-8f30-ee970f82e738"