Number vs. #

In Veeam technical documentation, we do not use the word number and the pound sign (#) to reference procedure steps, examples, table rows and table columns.

To reference a particular procedure step, use the ordinal number of the step. To reference a particular example, table row or table column, name the example, row or column explicitly.

Number vs. # Tip

In addition, omit the word number and the pound sign when creating titles for steps, examples, deployment scenarios and any other elements that must have ordinal numbers. For example, Scenario 1: Simple Deployment, Step 3. Specify Export Reason and Example 1 (Failing Over to VM Replica Using Its Latest Restore Point).


  1. To select a new document template that will be used to create documents for the plan, follow the instructions provided in step 4J.
  2. If the Recover the VMs in each Group > In sequence option is selected for a VM group, VMs in the group will be processed in the order they appear in the Virtual Machines column.