Select vs. Choose vs. Click vs. Press

Choose is about making a decision in general. Select is about marking text, cells, and similar items that will be subject to a user action (such as copying text), and also about picking options from a list. Click is about mouse actions — for more information, see Click vs. Click On vs. Click At. Press is about keyboard actions.

Select vs. Choose vs. Click vs. Press Important

  • DO NOT use the verb Choose as a synonym for Click.
  • DO NOT use the verb Pick as a synonym for neither Choose nor Select.
  • DO NOT use the verb Highlight as a synonym for Select. Use Highlight only to describe product features such as text highlighters that provide visual emphasis.
  • When it comes to clicking buttons in a wizard, omit the preposition the and the noun button before and after the verb Click. For example, use click OK instead of click the OK button.

The only exception could be a situation where you instruct users to click a button that has no text on it (it has an icon instead).


  1. Use the Recover the VMs in each Group option to choose whether you want to recover VMs in a sequence or at the same time.
  2. Generally, when performing a restore operation, Orchestrator looks through the list of all restore points created for a VM to choose a restore point that meets the date requirement specified in the Run Plan wizard.
  3. From the Launch menu, select Run.
  4. At the Plan Type step, select the Failover option.
  5. If you select the Original VM Location while launching the plan, Orchestrator will use the backup file produced by the backup job.
  6. In the Run Readiness Check window, click OK.
  7. Click the plan name to download and open the Readiness Check Report.
  8. Open the Files view and refresh it by pressing [F5] on the keyboard.