PowerShell Cmdlet Reference

Use this section to provide a quick overview for the PowerShell Reference and to list operations that you can perform with the command line. To help users navigate through the section, add a child topic for each listed operation.

PowerShell Cmdlet ReferenceExample

Veeam PowerShell allows you to perform almost all operations that are available with the Veeam Backup & Replication UI.

See the topics below to get help with performing backup and restore tasks with your command line. These topics contain instructions on carrying out tasks with PowerShell and reference for relevant cmdlets.

In This Section

  • Connecting to Veeam Backup Server
  • Licenses
  • Reports
  • Backup Infrastructure
  • Jobs
  • Replication
  • VeeamZIP
  • Quick Migration
  • Backup Copy
  • SureBackup
  • Data Recovery
  • Restore to Amazon EC2
  • Restore to Microsoft Azure
  • Secure Restore