Prepositions Before Infrastructure Objects

For some reason, Russian-speaking technical writers, QA engineers and developers tend to use the preposition on when talking about resources managed by vCenter Servers and data stored in storage containers. Do not fall into the trap — in English, you must use the preposition in in both these cases.

Prepositions Before Infrastructure Objects Tip

The only situation where you may need to use the preposition on is when you want to describe processes and services running on infrastructure objects. However, keep in mind that you must use the preposition in when talking about processes running inside VMs (that is, in guest OSes).


  1. By default, Veeam Backup & Replication places the disks in the datastore where the VM configuration file is stored.
  2. Files from tape-archived backups will appear in search results only if not found in the repository.
  3. You will get an error if Orchestrator fails to find the recovered datastore in the datacenter.
  4. This monitor collects information on all processes currently running on the host.
  5. Make sure that VMware Tools are installed and running on the VMs that you plan to monitor.
  6. The report analyzes historical data on the % Memory Used and % Processor Time performance metric values collected by the OpsMgr agent running in the guest OS.