Modifying Clients Settings

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    If necessary, you can modify settings of a client registered in the Veeam PN portal. For example, you may want to change the network address of an on-premises site.

    When you modify client settings, Veeam PN generates a new configuration file. You must download a new version of the configuration file and set it up on the site gateway or standalone computer. If you do not re-deploy the configuration file, the client will lose a connection to the VPN.

    To modify client settings:

    1. Log in to the network hub portal as a Portal Administrator.
    2. In the configuration menu on the left, click Clients.
    3. In the clients list, select the client and click Edit at the top of the list.
    4. Modify client settings as required and save the modified settings.
    5. In the Configuration File column of the clients list, click Download to get a configuration file for the client.
    6. Use the configuration file to update VPN connection settings on the client side. For more information, see Re-Deploying Configuration Files and Configuring Standalone Computers.

    Modifying Clients Settings