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    Short Description

    Returns restore points of tenant backups located in the archive tier.

    Product Edition: Enterprise Plus, Veeam Universal License


    Get-VBRCloudArchiveRestorePoint -Tenant <VBRCloudTenant> [-Id <guid>] [-Name <string[]>]  [<CommonParameters>]

    Detailed Description

    This cmdlet returns restore points of tenant backups located in the archive tier. The cloud provider need to run this cmdlet when a tenant wants to restore backups that are stored in the archive extent of the scale-out backup repository. Since the tenant is not able to restore data on his side, he need to contact the cloud provider and specify an Id of the restore point for backups that he wants to restore.







    Accept Pipeline Input


    Specifies a tenant whose data you want to restore.

    Accepts the VBRCloudTenant object. To create this object, run the Get-VBRCloudTenant cmdlet.





    Specifies a restore point ID of tenant backups that you want to restore.






    Specifies an array of VM names. The cmdlet will return restore points of these VMs.






    This cmdlet supports Microsoft PowerShell common parameters. For more information on common parameters, see the About CommonParameters section of Microsoft Docs.

    Output Object

    The cmdlet returns the VBRCloudArchiveRestorePoint object that contains a restore point of tenant backups located in the archive tier. .


    Getting Restore Point of Tenant Backup Stored in Archive Tier

    This example shows how to get the 3e57a915-2755-4297-be14-deddb8564ca9 restore point of the ABC Company tenant.

    $tenant = Get-VBRCloudTenant -Name "ABC Company"

    Get-VBRCloudArchiveRestorePoint -Tenant $tenant -Id "3e57a915-2755-4297-be14-deddb8564ca9"

    Perform the following steps:

    1. Run the Get-VBRCloudTenant cmdlet. Specify the Name parameter value. Save the result to the $tenant variable.
    1. Run the Get-VBRCloudArchiveRestorePoint cmdlet. Set the $tenant variable as the Tenant parameter value. Specify the Id parameter value.

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