Short Description

Returns global notification settings.

Product Edition: Standard, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, Veeam Universal License


Get-VBRGlobalNotificationOptions  [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

This cmdlet returns the global notification settings on the following events:

  • Low disk space
  • Support contract expiration
  • New product versions, available updates and patches


This cmdlet supports Microsoft PowerShell common parameters. For more information on common parameters, see the About CommonParameters section of Microsoft Docs.

Output Object



Getting Global Notification Settings

This command returns global notification settings. The cmdlet output will contain information on these settings.


StorageSpaceThresholdEnabled   : True

StorageSpaceThreshold          : 10

DatastoreSpaceThresholdEnabled : True

DatastoreSpaceThreshold        : 10

SkipVMSpaceThresholdEnabled    : True

SkipVMSpaceThreshold           : 5

NotifyOnSupportExpiration      : True

NotifyOnUpdates                : True