Veeam Data Integration API

Veeam Data Integration API is a set of Veeam PowerShell cmdlets that allow you to represent data of backup files as a mounted Windows folder. You may want to use this option when you need an existing application to be able to access backed-up data in a read-only manner.

You can mount the following types of backed-up data:

  • VM backups
  • VM replicas
  • VM disks

The cmdlets from this topic allow to perform the following operations.




Mounts the content of backup files using the iSCSI protocol.


Returns sessions that are running to mount the backup content to iSCSI target servers.


Returns details on the mounted content of backup files.


Unmounts content of backup files from iSCSI target servers.

The following environments and backup solutions are supported:

  • Hyper-V
  • VMWare
  • Veeam Agent For Windows
  • Veeam Agent For Linux
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