Backup Copy Job Overview

The report analyzes amount of traffic transmitted to target repository by backup copy jobs, evaluates the efficiency of backup data transfer through WAN accelerators and estimates the amount of network traffic savings.


The Backup Copy Job Overview report helps you assess traffic savings and estimate the efficiency of your backup copy jobs that use WAN accelerators.


To run the Backup Copy Job Overview report, you must have Veeam Management Pack for Microsoft System Center installed.


Date/time Selection: defines the time period to analyze in the report.


For the selected time period, all report data is collected in the selected time zone. If you do not select a time zone, data will be collected for this time period in the time zone set on a machine where you run the report.

Aggregation Type: defines whether the data in the report will be aggregated Hourly, Daily or Weekly.

Scope: defines a list of Veeam Backup & Replication servers that will be analyzed in the report (by default, the Veeam Backup Server Group is selected).
The Add Group option returns a Group and all objects that the group contains. The Add Object option returns only the selected object.

Backup Copy Jobs: defines a list of backup copy jobs to include in the report.

Accelerators: defines pairs of source-to-target WAN accelerators to include in the report.


If you want to include in the report backup copy jobs without accelerators, select the Without Accelerators option.

Job Status: defines whether the report will analyze job sessions that completed with the Success, Failed and/or Warning status.

Sample Usage

Report on the amount of data transmitted between a specific pair of WAN accelerators during this week.


  1. Open the Backup Copy Job Overview report.
  2. From the From list, select This Week > Monday. From the To list, select This Week > Friday.
  3. From the Aggregation Type list, select Daily.
  4. In the Scope section, select the Veeam Backup Server Group and click Remove. Then select the backup server to include in the report.

Click Add Group. In the Add Group window, click Options. In the Options window, click Add. In the Class Name search box, enter backup server and click Search. Select the Veeam Backup Server class in the list of search results, click Add and click OK. In the Options windows, click OK to apply the filter. In the Add Group window, click Search. The search will return a list of objects that belong to the Veeam Backup Server class. Select the server, click Add and click OK.

  1. In the Backup Copy Jobs list, select the necessary backup copy jobs.
  2. In the Accelerators list, select the necessary pair of WAN accelerators.
  3. In the Job Status list, select Success and Warning.
  4. Click Run to view the report.

Report Output

The Summary charts will display total day-by-day traffic usage history:

  • The Traffic Efficiency (GB) chart will show the actual amount of traffic read from the source repository and the amount of traffic transmitted over the network to the target repository
  • The Traffic Savings by Day (GB) chart will show the amount of traffic saved on each day of the reporting interval (that is, the difference between the amount of read traffic and the amount of transferred traffic)

The Accelerator Details table will provide the following information for each pair of WAN accelerators used by backup copy jobs:



Source WAN Accelerator

Name of the source WAN accelerator.

Target WAN Accelerator

Name of the target WAN accelerator.

Backup Copy Job

Name of backup copy job that uses this pair of WAN accelerators to transfer data.

Restore Points Transferred

Number of restore points transferred by this pair of WAN accelerators.

Backup Size (GB)

Original backup file size (in GB), that is, the size of backup data read from the source repository.

Transferred Data (GB)

Actual amount of data (in GB) transferred using the WAN accelerators to the target repository.

Traffic Savings (GB)

Amount of saved traffic (in GB), that is, the difference between the amount of read backup data and the amount of data transferred over network to the target backup repository.

The Job Details table will provide detailed information with breakdown for each backup copy job included in the report.