Hyper-V Overprovisioned Storage

This report helps you detect cluster disks, volumes and SMB shares for which the amount of provisioned storage space exceeds the capacity.


Dynamic disk technology allows administrators to allocate for virtual machines more storage space than there is real physical capacity. The Hyper-V Overprovisioned Storage report helps you reveal excessive storage over-provisioning in your virtual environment.


Date/time Selection: defines the time period to analyze in the report.

Show details: defines how data will be sorted in the report tables. If you want to report on overprovisioned storage, choose Highest Disk Pressure. If you want to report on overprovisioned storage which are about to run out of free space and affect VM performance, choose Least Free Space.

Data Aggregation: defines whether data in the report will be aggregated to Hourly or Daily values.

Scope: defines a list of Groups or Objects that will be analyzed in the report (by default, the Veeam Hyper-V Storage Group group is selected). The Add Group option returns a Group and all objects that a group contains. The Add Object option returns only the selected object.

Sample Usage

Report on disks with the largest amount of provisioned storage space. Use statistics for the previous month as a ground for the report analysis.


  1. Open the Hyper-V Overprovisioned Storage report.
  2. From the From list, select Previous month > First day. From the To list, select Previous month > Last day.
  3. From the Show details list, select Highest Disk Pressure.
  4. From the Data Aggregation list, select Daily.
  5. Leave the Scope section without changes.
  6. Click Run to view the report.

Report Output

The TOP 5 Over-provisioned Datastores (GB) chart will show 5 most over-provisioned storage objects, and graphically display the difference between capacity, provisioned and used space.

The TOP 10 Over-allocated by Storage VMs chart will show 10 VMs with excessive amount of allocated space, and graphically display the difference between allocated used and unused space.

For each storage object, details tables will provide information on the number of VMs residing on disk, free and provisioned space, capacity, disk pressure and the percentage of provisioned space that is actually used.

You can click a number in the VMs column of a details table to drill down to performance charts and statistics on storage space usage.