Virtual Machines. Switched-off VMs

This report shows a list of VMs that were remaining in the powered-off state during the specified period.


Powered off VMs do not consume CPU, memory or network resources, but take up storage space required to accommodate their disk files, snapshots and configuration data. The report can help you detect VMs that can be relocated to less costly datastores and identify neglected VMs that can be decommissioned.


Date/time Selection: defines a time period to analyze in the report.

Scope: defines a list of Groups or Objects that will be analyzed in the report (by default, the VMware Virtual Machine Group is selected). The Add Group option returns a Group and all objects that a group contains (with all performance counter instances). The Add Object option returns only the selected object.

Sample Usage

Report on virtual machines that were remaining in the powered-off state during this week.


  1. Open the Virtual Machines. Switched-off VMs report.
  2. From the From list, select This Week > Monday. From the To list, select This Week > Friday.
  3. In the Scope section, select VMs to include in the report.

Click Add Object. In the Add Object window, click Options. In the Options window, click Add. In the Class Name search box, enter virtual machine and click Search. Select the VMware Virtual Machine class in the list of search results, click Add and click OK. In the Options windows, click OK to apply the filter. In the Add Object window, click Search. The search will return a list of objects that belong to the VMware Virtual Machine class. Select all virtual machines in the list, click Add and click OK.

  1. Click Run to view the report.

Report Output

The report will show the list of virtual machines that remained powered-off during this week.

The Summary doughnut charts will show the following information:

  • total number of switched-off and running VMs
  • total storage consumption for switched-off and running VMs

The Top 10 Datastores by Wasted Space chart will show 10 datastores with the highest amount of storage consumed by switched-off and running VMs.

The Switched-Off VMs table shows the following details for powered-off VMs:



Virtual Machine

Name of the idle virtual machine.

Down Time%

Amount of time when the VM was powered-off against the amount of time in the reporting period (in percent).

Storage Space Allocated (GB, current)

Amount of storage space allocated for the VM, as per the end of the reporting period.