Step 3.2 Configure Discovery Rule

To identify computers in the client infrastructure, and then install and configure Veeam backup agents on these computers, you must configure a discovery rule. In this scenario, you will configure a rule that will perform discovery and installation procedures for computers within an AD domain.

To follow this evaluation scenario, it is recommended that you create a separate AD organizational unit within a domain in the client infrastructure. Add to this organizational unit Microsoft Windows computers on which you can install Veeam backup agents as part of the evaluation. Make sure that Microsoft Windows computers are powered on.

To configure a discovery rule and run discovery:

  1. In the Discovery section, open the Rules tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. At the Rule Name step of the wizard, specify a discovery rule name.
  4. At the Companies step of the wizard, choose the company that you created at the Register Account for Managed Company step.

Click the Default location link. In the Locations window, make sure that the Master agent column displays the name of the client computer on which you installed the master agent.

Choose Company

  1. At the Discovery Method step of the wizard, choose Microsoft Active Directory discovery.

Choose Discovery Method

  1. At the Active Directory Discovery step of the wizard, choose Select from organization units.

Specify AD Query

  1. At the Access Account step of the wizard, make sure that the Use credentials specified in the master management agent configuration check box is selected.

With this option enabled, the master agent will use a discovery account specified in its configuration settings to connect to client computers.

Specify Credentials

  1. At the Organizational Units step of the wizard, click the Select location link. In the Locations window, click the Select unit link and select an organizational unit that includes client computers on which you want to install Veeam backup agents.

Choose Organizational Units

  1. At the Backup Agent Deployment step of the wizard, select Discover remote computer, install backup agent and assign the selected backup policy option. In the Backup policy to apply list, select Workstation: File level backup. Personal files. Local drive. Daily schedule.

With these options enabled, during the discovery process Veeam Service Provider Console will install Veeam backup agents on all computers in the selected organizational unit, and will apply the selected backup policy to configure Veeam backup agent job settings. For trial purposes, you can use a predefined backup policy Workstation: File level backup. Personal files. Local drive. Daily schedule. This policy prescribes to back up personal files on a daily basis, and store the resulting backup locally, on the protected computer.

Instead of using a predefined backup policy, you can create your own policy and use it in the discovery rule. To do so, click Create New next to the list of policies, and configure settings of a backup job. For details on creating backup policies, see section Creating Backup Policies of the Guide for Service Providers.

Install Backup Agents

  1. At the Summary step of the wizard, select Launch the discovery rule when I click Finish.

Discovery of client computers, installation of Veeam backup agents and configuration of backup job settings will start as soon as you exit the wizard.

Launch Discovery

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