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    To follow scenarios described in this guide, you must deploy Veeam Service Provider Console. For trial purposes, you can use 'all-in-one' on premise deployment, with all Veeam Service Provider Console components installed on the same machine. The machine must run a latest 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows, and can be physical or virtual.

    In the 'all-in-one' scenario, the same machine will perform the following roles:

    • It will host Veeam Service Provider Console
    • It will act as the Veeam Cloud Connect server
    • It will perform the role of a cloud gateway server

    All-in-One Deployment

    To deploy Veeam Service Provider Console infrastructure components:

    1. Obtain an installation image of Veeam Service Provider Console and mount it to a Microsoft Windows machine.
    2. Log on to the machine as a local Administrator.
    3. Install Veeam Service Provider Console from an installation image.
    4. Install Veeam Backup & Replication from an installation image.
    5. Configure Veeam Cloud Connect components required by Veeam Service Provider Console: set up a certificate and deploy a cloud gateway locally on the machine.

    More Information

    Detailed installation instructions are out of the scope of this document. For deployment details, see Veeam Service Provider Console Deployment Guide.