Scenario D. Managing Resellers

Reseller is a company that uses hardware resources of a service provider to render services to other companies in Veeam Service Provider Console. Reseller has similar capabilities to those of a service provider but can perform only tasks that target assigned companies and that lie within allocated resource quotas.

Usage Scenario

Consider the following scenario: as an MSP, you plan to delegate management of backup and recovery operations to a reseller. You want to create an account for a reseller, allocate resources and assign a client company. Also, you will limit the number of companies the reseller can manage.

You don't want to receive notifications about number of companies managed by the reseller reaching maximum allowed value.

To avoid running out of instances and to calculate charges for a reseller, you plan to track the number of instances that reseller clients consume.

Reference Environment

To follow the instructions provided for this scenario, you must use an environment with two logical sites:

  • Management site is a location where the Veeam Service Provider Console is deployed. This site provides hardware resources to the reseller.
  • Client site is a location where the reseller client infrastructure resides. This site includes computers and VMs that will be managed by the reseller.

The management and client sites normally belong to different networks, separated by WAN links. However, for evaluation, these sites can be parts of the same network.

Reference Environment


To follow the instructions provided in this scenario case, complete the following prerequisites:

Step-By-Step Walkthrough

To walk through this scenario, perform the following steps:

  1. Create Reseller Account.
  2. Assign Company to Reseller.
  3. Create License Keys in VCSP Pulse Plugin.
  4. Assign License Keys in VCSP Pulse Plugin.
  5. Edit Alarms.
  6. Check License Usage.