Connecting Existing Backup Appliance

If you have a Nutanix AHV backup appliance that has already been deployed but was removed from the backup infrastructure, you can connect it to the backup server. You may also want to connect an existing Nutanix AHV backup appliance in the following situations:

  • To upgrade a Nutanix AHV backup appliance from version 3.0, 3a, 4.0, 4a and 5.0 to 5.1.
  • To connect a Nutanix AHV backup appliance that was previously connected to another backup server.

To add an existing Nutanix AHV backup appliance to the backup infrastructure, do the following:

  1. Launch the New Nutanix AHV Backup Appliance wizard.
  2. Select the proxy deployment mode.
  3. Specify proxy VM configuration.
  4. Check network settings.
  5. Enter credentials for the proxy account.
  6. Grant permissions to the proxy.
  7. Apply proxy settings.
  8. Finish working with wizard.

After you connect the Nutanix AHV backup appliance, the backup server will retrieve information about all jobs the appliance has ever processed. If the backup server configuration database contains records about Nutanix AHV VM backups and if the backup files are still available in repositories, you can import backups to the Nutanix AHV backup appliance and use them to restore entire VMs and VM disks.


If you connect a Nutanix AHV backup appliance migrated from another cluster to protect VMs migrated from the same cluster, you will need to reconfigure backup jobs. UUIDs of migrated VMs change, therefore, you will need to re-add VMs to a backup job that will start new backup chains for them.