Before You Begin

Before you add a dedicated worker to the backup infrastructure, consider the following:

  • It is recommended that the number of configured workers does not exceed the number of hosts in the Nutanix AHV cluster.
  • Each worker must be provided with sufficient compute resources to handle backup and restore tasks in parallel. The maximum number of concurrent tasks is configured in worker settings — if this number is exceeded, the worker will not start a new task until one of the current tasks finishes.
  • It is recommended the total number of concurrent tasks configured for all workers deployed in the cluster does not exceed the number of physical disks added to the cluster. You can change the maximum number of concurrent tasks (the best practice is to allocate 1 vCPU and 1 GB RAM for each additional task) while deploying a new worker or editing settings of an existing one.
  • If you plan to use dedicated workers, it is recommended that you modify the backup appliance settings as follows:
  • Set the maximum number of concurrent tasks to 0.
  • Change the amount of allocated resources to according to the recommendations descried in section Sizing Guidelines.

Alternatively, you can disable the embedded worker. However, in this case, the backup appliance will be allocated excessive compute resources that will be not used for handling backup traffic.