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Adding Nutanix AHV Backup Proxy

To be able to back up VMs residing on a Nutanix AHV Cluster, you must add an AHV Backup Proxy to the AHV cluster. AHV Backup Proxy is a virtual module that acts as a coordinator between the AHV cluster on one side and the Veeam Backup & Replication server on the other side. For details, see How It Works.


After the AHV Backup Proxy is successfully deployed, AHV Backup Proxy creates a PD snapshot job and takes a PD snapshot of the AHV Backup Proxy VM. You can use the PD snapshot to restore the VM in case of any problems. For details, see Protecting AHV Backup Proxy VM.

After you add a Nutanix AHV cluster, you can add an AHV Backup Proxy to the added cluster. To add a new AHV Backup Proxy or register the existing AHV Backup Proxy, take the following steps.

  1. Launch New Nutanix Proxy Wizard
  2. Select Deployment Mode
  3. Specify VM Configuration
  4. Specify Network Settings
  5. Specify Credentials
  6. Grant Permissions
  7. Finish Working with Wizard

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