Before You Begin

Before you start the AHV VM restore process, mind the following limitations:

  • If a VM added to the restore session contains multiple disks, AHV Backup Proxy restores these disks sequentially, one disk at a time. Note that VMs added to the restore session are processed in parallel.
  • If a source VM has a set affinity and if during restore this host is not available on the cluster (or original VM was backed up from different cluster), you must set the affinity policy manually before starting the VM.
  • SureBackup is not supported for backups created by AHV Backup Proxy.
  • When you restore VMs using the AHV Backup Proxy web console, you can restore only to the original AHV cluster. If you want to restore VMs to another cluster, perform the restore using the Veeam Backup & Replication console. For more information, see Restoring VMs using Veeam Backup & Replication Console. Alternatively, you can import the backups from another cluster and and restore from them.
  • When you restore from a snapshot, you cannot change the target container.

When you restore from a backup, you can select only one container for all VM disks. This means, you cannot select a different container for each VM disk.

  • [For restore from user snapshots and PD snapshots] You cannot change network settings of the VM in the restore wizard. You can change these parameters after the restore is complete via Prism Element or Prism Central.