How Backup Jobs Work

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    When you launch a backup job in the AHV Backup Proxy web console, the following happens:


    This diagram is valid only for the backup process. When you run snapshot jobs, snapshots are not transported to a backup repository. Snapshots are stored on the AHV cluster.

    1. The web console sends the backup job configuration data to AHV Backup Proxy.
    2. AHV Backup Proxy starts a backup job and forwards the backup session data to Veeam Backup & Replication.
    3. AHV Backup Proxy connects to the AHV cluster over Nutanix REST API and takes a snapshot of VMs or a PD added to the job.
    4. AHV Backup Proxy creates a volume group (VG) on the AHV cluster and mounts VM disks via iSCSI and retrieves VM data on block level.
    5. Veeam Data Mover compresses and deduplicates the VM data and forwards it to the backup repository in the Veeam proprietary format.

    How Backup Jobs Work 

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