Appendix C. Custom Scripts

In AHV Backup Proxy, you can instruct backup jobs and PD snapshot jobs to run custom scripts. You can use the custom scripts to coordinate application activity for backup processes and create protection domain snapshots that will be used as the source of the backup.

AHV Backup Proxy runs the custom scripts at the beginning of the job to which the script is added. The custom scripts are available only for the Dynamic mode of backup jobs and PD snapshot jobs.


To configure Veeam AHV Backup Proxy to use custom scripts to create PD snapshots, go through the following steps:

  1. Prepare the custom script.
  2. Enable the custom scripts functionality in the AHV Backup Proxy.
  3. Upload the script to the AHV Backup Proxy VM.
  4. Add the custom script to a backup job.
  5. Check Logs of custom scripts and backup jobs.