Instant VM Recovery

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    With Instant VM Recovery, you can immediately restore a VM into VMware or Hyper-V environment by running it directly from a compressed and deduplicated backup file. Instant VM Recovery helps to improve recovery time objectives, minimize disruption and downtime of production VMs.

    Instant recovery is supported for VMs created by AHV Backup Proxy. You cannot perform instant recovery to AHV hosts/clusters due to AHV restrictions. VM snapshots in AHV offer fast restore if they are available.


    [for Microsoft Hyper-V] Support of instant recovery of AHV VMs to Hyper-V environment is “experimental”. For details, see the Veeam Experimental Support Statement.

    To perform instant recovery to Hyper-V or VMware, follow the steps of the Instant VM Recovery wizard. Depending on the platform to which you want to recover AHV VMs, see one of the following guides:

    Instant VM Recovery 

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