Step 2. Select VMs

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    At the Virtual Machines step of the Full VM Restore to Nutanix AHV wizard, select VMs that you want to restore.

    To select VMs, do the following:

    1. On the right of the wizard window, click Add VM.
    2. In the Backup Browser window, expand a backup job tree that contains backups of VMs you want to restore and select a VM. Hold [Ctrl] to select multiple VMs.
    1. By default, AHV Backup Proxy restores VMs from the latest backup. You can select to restore to an earlier restore point. Restore from a snapshot is significantly faster than restore from a backup. Note that you can restore from a snapshot only if a VM has at least one successful backup.

    To restore a VM to an earlier point in time:

    1. Select the VM in the list and click Point.
    2. In the Restore Points window, select a backup.
    3. Click OK.

    Step 2. Select VMs