Configuring E-mail Settings

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    You can configure e-mail settings, to receive e-mail notifications. AHV Backup Proxy sends the following notifications:

    • Reports with results of backup, snapshot, and PD snapshot jobs
    • Notification that there is a new version of AHV Backup Proxy is available
    • Notifications that you need to reboot AHV Backup Proxy due to a new security update has been installed
    • Reports with results of a configuration database backup

    If you want to receive notifications, configure notification settings:

    1. At the main panel of the web console, click the settings icon and select Appliance Settings.
    2. Open the E-mail settings tab and select the Enable e-mail notifications check box.
    3. In the SMTP server field, enter a full DNS name or IP address of the SMTP server that will be used for sending email notifications.
    4. Click the Advanced button to specify advanced SMTP settings.
    1. Specify the port number for the SMTP server.
    2. To use a secure connection for email operations, select the Connect using SSL check box.
    3. If you need to connect to the SMTP server using a specific account, select the This SMTP server requires authentication check box and specify credentials that will be used to connect to the SMTP server.
    4. Click OK.

    Configuring E-mail Settings 

    1. In the From field, specify an email address from which email notifications must be sent.
    1. In the To field, specify the recipient addresses. Use a semicolon to separate multiple addresses. Recipients specified in this field will receive notification about every job managed by the backup server.
    1. In the Subject field, specify a subject for the sent message. You can use the following variables in the subject:
    1. %JobName% — name of the job
    2. %JobResult% — status with which the job has finished
    3. %ObjectCount% — number of objects in the job
    1. Select the Notify on success, Notify on warning and/or Notify on failure check boxes to receive email notification if a job is run successfully, not successfully or with a warning.
    1. Select the Suppress notifications until the last retry check box to receive a notification about the final job status. If you do not enable this option, AHV Backup Proxy will send one notification per every job retry.
    2. AHV Backup Proxy allows sending a test email to check if all settings have been configured correctly. To send a test email, click Test Message.

    Configuring E-mail Settings 

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