Restoring VMs Using AHV Backup Proxy Console

In the AHV Backup Proxy web UI, you can restore AHV VMs from backups and snapshots to a Nutanix AHV cluster.

During the restore process, AHV Backup Proxy retrieves VM disk data from the backup, copies it to the datastore where disks of the original VM were located, and registers a restored VM on the Nutanix AHV cluster node.

Before you restore VMs, check the prerequisites and limitations. Then launch the Full VM Restore wizard and follow its steps:

  1. Select VMs to restore.
  2. Select the restore mode.
  3. Assign a name for the restored VM.
  4. Select the container where the restored VM will be deployed.
  5. Specify network settings.
  6. Specify a reason for VM restore.
  7. Finish working with the wizard.