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Veeam Availability for Nutanix AHV 1.0
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Before You Begin

Before you restore disks in the proxy appliance web UI, mind the following limitations:

  • During restore, network settings of the VM cannot be changed in the restore wizard. These parameters can be changed after the restore is complete via Prism Element or Prism Central.
  • Restore from AOS 5.6 to AOS 5.1 fails with the following error message due to compatibility issues in AHV 5.6.

Cannot construct Map key of type

com.nutanix.prism.dto.uhura.VmConfigDTO$VmFeature from String "VGA_CONSOLE"

  • If you restore a disk that was flagged as a boot device in AHV VM settings, flag of the disk will be dropped. You need to reassign it after the restore.
  • Parallel VMs/disks restore is not supported (proxy appliance restores only one VM or disk at a time).

If a source VM has a set affinity and during restore this host is not available on the cluster (or original VM was backed up from different cluster), you need to set the affinity policy manually before starting the VM.

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User Guide

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