Appendix A. Manual Deploymenment

Apart from main deployment scenario, you can also deploy AHV Backup Proxy manually.

For manual deployment, you must use the Nutanix Prism console to deploy AHV Backup Proxy on a Nutanix AHV cluster where user VMs that you plan to back up reside. One AHV Backup Proxy processes VMs within one Nutanix AHV cluster only. Thus, to back up and restore VMs on several Nutanix AHV clusters, you must deploy one AHV Backup Proxy on each cluster.


Before you start deploying AHV Backup Proxy, make sure that the virtual environment meets the requirements.

  • Platforms and virtual hardware must meet system requirements.
  • All registered server names must be resolvable into IPv4 addresses. IPV6 is not supported by the proxy appliance VM.

To deploy and configure AHV Backup Proxy on a Nutanix AHV cluster, take the following steps:

  1. Upload proxy appliance virtual disk image
  2. Create VM for proxy appliance
  3. Log into proxy appliance web console
  4. Install Veeam Backup for Nutanix AHV
  5. Add AHV cluster to AHV Backup Proxy infrastructure
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