Snapshot-Only Jobs

To create snapshots of Nutanix AHV VMs, AHV Backup Proxy uses built-in capabilities of Nutanix AHV. You can use these snapshots to revert VMs to a state in time when the snapshot was taken. Keep in mind that snapshots are not fully-functional backups but only chunks of data which have been modified since the last snapshot was taken.

Snapshot files are not transferred to Veeam backup repositories, they are stored locally on the AHV cluster on which the source VM resides. For more information on Nutanix AHV snapshots, see Nutanix AHV Snapshot Types and Snapshot Chain and Retention Policy.

In AHV Backup Proxy, snapshot is a job-driven process. To create a snapshot, you must configure a snapshot job. Before you create a snapshot job, check prerequisites and limitations.

With AHV Backup Proxy, you can create two types of snapshot jobs: