Getting to Know UI of Web Console

After you log in to the AHV Backup Proxy web console, the Dashboard tab opens. At the main panel of the web console, you can navigate through tabs to manage backup and restore operations and configure settings of AHV Backup Proxy.

In the AHV Backup Proxy web console, you can perform the following:

  • View the AHV Backup Proxy version. For more information, see Checking the AHV Backup Proxy Version.
  • View ongoing statistics for the backup infrastructure components and view the list of event logs using the Dashboard tab.
  • Create and manage backup and snapshot jobs using the Jobs tab.
  • Manage backups/snapshots and perform restore from existing backups using the Protected VMs tab.
  • View the list of internal events including changes in the infrastructure of AHV Backup Proxy, started/stopped jobs, errors, warnings. For more information, see Monitoring Events.
  • Configure notifications and AHV Backup Proxy maintenance settings. For more information, see General Settings.
  • Check and install updates for Veeam Backup for Nutanix AHV. For more information, see Updating AHV Backup Proxy.


On every tab and on every wizard window, there is the ? icon. Click it if you want to open online help for this particular tab or wizard window.

Getting to Know UI of Web Console