Before You Begin

Before you create a backup job, consider the following limitations:

  • You can back up each VM with one backup job at a time. If a VM is already being processed by a backup job, another backup job will not start processing this VM until the currently running backup operation completes.
  • You cannot back up a VM being restored. Wait for the restore process to complete, and then start the backup job.
  • You cannot include into a backup job a VM being backed up by 3rd party software or an RHV backup proxy connected to another backup server. Wait for the backup process to complete or stop the job manually, and then add the VM to a backup job.

If the backup process fails to complete, disable the job manually and then add the VM to a backup job. If you cannot disable the job, submit a support case in the Veeam Customer Support Portal.

    • Deduplication: Enabled
    • Data compression level: Optimal
    • Storage optimization: Local target (1024 KB block size)

Due to technical limitations, you cannot change these settings while configuring backup jobs.

  • By default, backup encryption is disabled for backed-up data. However, you can enable encryption at the repository level. For more information, see the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide, section Access Permissions.
  • VM guest OS file indexing is not supported for backups created with Veeam Backup for RHV.
  • Since Veeam Backup & Replication does not allow you to assign information about locations to the RHV manager and backup proxy, job statistics do not include information on the RHV VM data migration between different geographic regions.