Step 3. Specify VM Configuration

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    At the Virtual Machine step of the wizard, do the following:

    1. Click Choose and select the RHV cluster where the RHV backup proxy is deployed.
    2. Click Choose and select the name of the VM running as the RHV backup proxy.

    The storage domain is automatically populated when you select the VM.

    1. In the Proxy description field, provide a description for future reference. The field already contains a default description with information about the user who added the proxy, date and time when the proxy was added.
    2. In the Max concurrent tasks field, specify the number of tasks that the RHV backup proxy will be able to handle in parallel. If this value is exceeded, the backup proxy will not start a new task until one of current tasks finishes.

    If you want to change the default value that is set to 4, consider resources allocated to the VM and RHV backup proxy system requirements.


    When you connect a deployed RHV backup proxy, you cannot change the number of vCPU cores and RAM allocated to the RHV backup proxy. However, you can change VM hardware configuration in the RHV Administration Portal. For more information, see Red Hat Product Documentation.

    1. Click Next.

    Step 3. Specify VM Configuration